As a Leader


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Live At The Knitting Factory Volume 1
Lou Grassi PoBand with Marshall Allen Porter PRCD 4051

Infinite POtential                      
Lou Grassi PoBand, CIMP 344

Avanti Galoppi
Lou Grassi Quartet, CIMP 313 
Lou Grassi PoBand and John Tchicai, CIMP 262
Joy of Being
Lou Grassi PoBand and Joseph Jarman, CIMP 227
Lou Grassi PoBand w/Marshall Allen, CIMP 207
Neo Neo
Lou Grassi Neo Neo, CIMP 201
Lou Grassi PoBand, CIMP 156
Quick Wits
Lou Grassi Saxtet, CIMP 123
Lou Grassi, Cadence Jazz Records CJR 1062
Hot and Sweet
Dixie Peppers, Elgee 1001 (cassette)


As a Co-Leader

The Final Concert  The Nu Band (Featuring Roy Campbell, Jr.) (NoBusiness NBLP 99) *vinyl lp only. limited pressing 300 copies.
Live At Edgefest Marilyn Lerner, Ken Filiano, Lou Grassi 
(NoBusiness NBLP 90) *vinyl lp only. Limited pressing 300 copies.
Inner Cinema Mack Goldsbury, Andreas Böttcher, Lou Grassi (Blue Hornet)
The Cosmological Constant - The Nu Band - Thomas Heberer, Mark Whitecage, Joe Fonda, Lou Grassi (Not Two MW923-2)
The Last of The Beboppers Maciej Fortuna, Mack Goldsbury, Mark Minchello, Lou Grassi (FM 018)
Live in Madrid
Marilyn Lerner - Ken Filiano - Lou Grassi (CJR 1247)
Relentlessness The Nu Band Live at The Sunset Marge 49
Live In Paris The Nu Band (No Business NBCD 16)
Mr. Fubar, I Presume
- The ESAT Trio Bill Gagliardi, Ken Filiano, Lou Grassi (CIMP 376)
Arms Spread Wide Marilyn Lerner, Ken Filiano, Lou Grassi (No Business NBCD 5)
Lower East Side Blues The Nu Band Roy Campbell, Mark Whitecage, Joe Fonda, Lou Grassi (Porter 4025)
Drunk Butterfly Adam Lane, Lou Grassi, Mark Whitecage (Clean Feed 116)

kenbillou - The ESAT Trio Bill Gagliardi, Ken Filiano, Lou Grassi (CIMP 370)
Live At The Guelph Festival - Marshall Allen & Lou Grassi (CJR 1192)
The Dope and The Ghost - The Nu Band Live in Vienna (Not Two MW788-2)
Shapes and Shadows Martin Speicher, Georg Wolf, Lou Grassi (Clean Feed 084)
Jawboning Kenny Wessel, Ken Filiano, Lou Grassi
(CIMP 318)
The Nu Band Live (Konnex KCD 5141)
The Nu Band Live at the Bop Shop (Clean Feed CF 002CD)
Live in Wuppertal Günter Heinz and Lou Grassi (Alea 2001-01)
The Implicate Order/At Seixal Steve Swell, Ken Filiano, Lou Grassi (Clean Feed 001CD)
Large Music 2 , Paul Smoker, Bob Magnuson, Ken Filiano, Lou Grassi, (CIMP 226)
Large Music 1 Paul Smoker, Bob Magnuson, Ken Filiano, Lou Grassi, (CIMP 219)
Scratching The Surface, Rob Brown/Lou Grassi Quartet, (CIMP 161)
Noises From an Open Window Lou Grassi and Andreas Böttcher (Meine-Stars 88 00 03)
Free Improvisation Lou Grassi and Andreas Böttcher, Bridge 1001 (cassette)

As a Sideman


In The Diaspora of The Diaspora: A Day In Brooklyn Allen Lowe (Constant Sorrow 944)
In The Diaspora of The Diaspora Allen Lowe (Constant Sorrow 666)
Mulatto Radio: Field Recordings: 1-4 Allen Lowe
(Constant Sorrow 001)
CIMPFest: Live in Villach 2009 (CIMPoL 5020-5024)
This is a 5 cd box set with Grassi featured on three of the 5 discs
A Flame in the Dark Thiago de Mello (GAU 2103)
Absolutely, Absolutely Stephen Gauci Quartet CIMP 361

Word Jessica Jones Quartet (NA 1045)
Trace In Mirror Moo Lohkenn Source of Sound (Konnex KCD 5188)
Wisps of an Unknown Face Stephen Gauci Quartet (CIMP 351)
Younger Dryas William Gagliardi Quintet (CIMP 342)
Memories of Tomorrow
William Gagliardi Quintet (CIMP 332)
Zeitgeist Gunter Hampel New York Quartet (Birth 050504)
Isms Out Burton Greene/Roy Campbell Quartet (CIMP 316)
Hear and Now William Gagliardi Quintet (CIMP 297)
Nhlahla William Gagliardi Quintet (CIMP 291)
Hope is Bright Green up North John Tchicai (CIMP 278)
Handling the Moment Matt Lavelle (CIMP 266)
Conversations With the Jokers Katie Bull (Corn Hill Indie)
Challenge of The Now Gunter Hampel (Birth 066)
Sound Quest Ursel Schlicht / Implicate Order (CJR 1140)
Music is the Meditation William Gagliardi (CIMP 242)
Broad Strokes Roswell Rudd, Knitting Factory Works KFW 276
Visage The Rob Brown Trio, MARGE 24
Atmospheels The Steve Swell Trio, CIMP 184
Throptics The Burton Greene Trio, CIMP 182
Creative Catalysts Bob Magnuson, CIMP 169
King and the Duke : American Praise Alice Parker, Ethereal 111
Nine Wings Bruce Eisenbeil, CIMP 144
Out and About Steve Swell, CIMP 116
We'um Amy Sheffer, I Am Shee Records
Where's Your Home? Amy Sheffer, I Am Shee Records AS 0084
Lennie Tristano Memorial Concert Sheila Jordan, Jazz Records JR3
Take One Music Minus One, MMO 2010-2018
Numatic Swing Band Roswell Rudd, The Jazz Composer Orchestra JCOA 1007

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